Solid shampoo bar for normal to oily hair 50 gr


Lately solid shampoo bars are a big hit!

We fell in love with them and that is why we were inspired for our solid shampoo bar which we are sure you will love too!

The special formula of this 50 gr miracle for hair is hiding in the most gentle and caring combination of ingredients which carefully cleans and nourish your hair! A formula enriched with two clays to guarantee the most gentle and effective cleaning. The white and green clay remove the excessive oil and nourish the hair. The aroma of lemon, bergamot and rosemary will take you on a jorney to a fresher universe 🙂

Everything your hair needs and nothing that it does not!

Why choose solid bar Morava?

  1. Cleans and nourishes your hair while making it soft and shiny
  2. Lasts longer* 1 bar= 2 liquid shampoos
  3. Nature care – no plastic packaging!
  4. Suitable for traveling

*In comparison with liquid shampoo 250 ml 

Does not contain sulphates or any agressive ingredients!

How to use? With joyness 🙂

Wet your hair and the bar until it lathers; massage the scalp with the bar; rinse off and voila ! Time to walk your gorgeous hair!

We recommend to put the bar at the most dry place in the bathroom after use !

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Product Description

What are detergents?

Surface active ingredients are the ingredients that clean. They literally take of the dirt and dust from your skin and hair. Imagine a bubble that goes right to the dirt, takes it inside and they then together go away  holding hands 🙂 This is because the surfactants are molecules made from two parts – the first loves the water and the other part loves the dirt. This molecule is like a bubble that its inner part loves the dirt and the outer part loves the water. In nature the rule “Similar goes to similar” is in power so this bubble takes the dirt from your skin and hair in its inner part and when washed away it goes with the water. This is how detergents work 🙂

We use the most gentle detergents so that we guarantee perfect cleaning, soft lather and gentle rinse off.

Ingredients/ INCI: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Cocos nucifera, Kaoline, decyl glucoside, stearic acid, capril/caprilil glucoside,ilite, glycerin,citrus aurantifolia, citrus aurantium bergamia, rosmarinus officinalis,mica (mineral oxide) CI 77019, CI 77891, CI288
*limonene, *linalool