Fantabulous box 10%


We called this box Fantabulous because it contains what is needed for fantastic hair and fabulous skin.
The box is designed for those who love fantastic results. Solid shampoo + diamond hair mask for nourished and shining hair and MORAVA scar-eraser balm with tamanu and rosehip oil for clean and clear skin.
The box is perfect also for future mommy as the scar-eraser balm acts actively in preventing the appearance of stretch marks by taking care of the skin elasticity. We love this box because it smells like rainbow and fluffy clouds.
It contains :
1. Solid shampoo bar of your choice – normal to dry hair / normal to oily hair
2. Diamond hair mask
3. MORAVA scar eraser balm


 1 Solid shampoo bar of your choice – for normal to dry hair/ normal to oily hair 50 gr

1 Craft soap of your choice – Charming Geranium/ Rise and shine Rosemary 100 gr

1 Lip balm for dry and thirsty lips of your choice – Happy orange/ Mint and lime 10 ml

1 Balm for skin injuries30 ml

Please in comment to your order specify which shampoo, lip balm and craft soap would you like to take!

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