Solid hair conditioner 40 gr


Don`t be misled by the appearance of our solid hair conditioner bar-a sweet, tiny, pink heart having such a gorgeous scent!  It has the power to soften and detangle even the most tangled and naughty hair. His secret power  is hiding in the smart combination of the most gentle ingredients, carefully selected with love and attention.  And not at last place – it will leave your hair shine -bright- like- a diamond!

Our solid hair conditioner is eco-friendly, plastic free, suitable for travelling and its super economical ! It lasts longer than 2 and even 3 liquid conditioners thanks to it concentrated formula 😉

How to use ? With lots of joy after shampooing

  1. Wet the bar and swipe down your hair a few times
  2. Leave in for 1-2 minutes so it can do its wonders
  3. Rinse off and go- shiny-go!

INCI: Cetearyl alcohol**, behentrimonium methosulfate***, theobroma cacao, cocos nucifera, butyrospermum parkii, glycerin, citrus aurantifolia ,  cananga odorata, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride****, d-panthenol, mica, limonene*, citral* , linalool*, benzyl benzoate*


*naturally occurring in the essential oils

Product Description

**Cetearyl alcohol – a fatty alcohol with emollient and moisturizing  properties for skin and hair. It is a safe alcohol from vegetable source, a mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohol.


***Behentrimoinium methosulfate

A very mild and safe cationic antistatic ingredient derived from colza oil with detangling and conditioning properties. It is an eco-certified ingredient which attaches onto the hair and this way it makes it soft, protected and very easy to detangle.


****Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride – A safe and mild cationic ingredient, plant based,  derived from guar gum . It has excellent conditioning and antistactic properties, allowing the deposition of active ingredients on the hair shaft.