The mermaid box 10%


 For those who enjoy taking shower as a pleasant daily routine! Be an energizing shower in the morning for a fresh start or an evening relaxing ritual for washing away pressure and anxiety from the day, whichever routine you are fan of, our Mermaid box is your perfect partner.
2 craft soaps with aroma of your choice with strong hydrating effect – charming geranium  / rise and shine rosemary
1 solid shampoo bar of your choice containing only naturally sourced ingredients and the gentlest washing agents – normal to dry hair / normal to oily hair
1 solid hair conditioner– our latest product that can handle with love and care even the most tangled hairs!
Our Mermaid Box is a great gift if you would like to make a present for you or someone you love as it
comes in a specially designed box that carries happiness and only greatest body care products inside.